All About Computer Hardware and Components

All About Computer Hardware and Components

June 11, 2021 0 By Pandey Rahul

Computer hardware includes the various internal components of a computer system, including the central processing unit (CPU), hard disk, random-access memory (RAM), main computer memory, graphics card, input device, wireless adapter, expansion cards, optic interface, and power supply. Modern chips have thousands of components in them. They can be made from several different types of technology. One example of chip technology is microprocessor. Memory has been used since the early days of desktop computers. Hard disk drives have become an important part of the computer system, because they can save a lot of data.

The computer hardware can be divided into three main categories: non-volatile and volatile. Non volatile (non-volatile) hardware refers to the parts which are not controlled by the operating system. They are used to store the settings of the computer system, configurations and information for the computer software. It also helps the operating system to start the computer. On the other hand, volatile computer hardware must be accessed through the operating system.

Computer hardware has many important components. The computer case is the largest of all hardware components. In case the computer system needs several functions, then there are several different computer cases available. Usually, the case consists of two major sections: the interior and the exterior. The interior includes the monitor table, keyboard, optical mouse, scanner, video card and other hardware necessary to operate the personal computer.

The external components include the CPU mother board, CPU socket, PCI bus controller and the CPU drivers. All the external hardware is written instructions to the CPU by the mother board. The physical components include the hard disk, the optical drive, the hard disk drive, the memory, the CPU bus and the USB.

The other hardware components are needed only to operate the applications. The operating system controls the execution of the application software. There are many hardware components involved in the computer systems. The computer hardware depends on the type of the operating system.

Computer hardware consists of many parts like the microcontroller, microprocessor, digital logic controller, ROM chip, hard disk, cache, RAM and others. The microcontroller manages the operations of the application software. The microprocessor transfers instructions from the application software to the microcontroller, which in turn operates the external hardware device. The circuit board is the physical component of the computer system. The circuit board is made up of different kinds of material like transistors, capacitors, ICs, SMPS, solid state diodes, printed circuit boards, bridges and more.