Top 5 Design Software

Top 5 Design Software

February 27, 2023 0 By Pandey Rahul

Design software is an indispensable resource to maximize project outcomes. It facilitates constant communication among team members and helps deliver the final product within specified deadlines.

Design software makes it possible for teams to work remotely in their preferred setting without compromising quality, increasing productivity and saving time in the process.

Adobe Comp

Designers working on mobile and with a creative cloud subscription should definitely check out Adobe Comp. It’s an iPad app that enables rapid layout prototypes for design ideas, then send them off to InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop for further refinement.

Sketch ideas quickly with this app’s series of drawing gestures and machine learning algorithms that recognize shapes. Plus, it supports importing images directly from a camera or your tablet’s photo library.


PixTeller is an intuitive graphic maker that makes creating high-quality photos, images, banners, cards and video thumbnails a breeze. It provides numerous predefined templates tailored to meet all of your promotional needs.

Features of this application include cropping, clipping, multipage attributes, custom fonts, resizing, filters, customizable templates and text properties. Furthermore, users are able to apply photo effects and upload custom images and logos.

Furthermore, it offers an expansive library of over 1,500,000 free photos and illustrations. This makes designing marketing collateral effortless even without technical proficiency or software downloads.

Image-graphic editor allows users to quickly create 2D and 3D artwork with ease, plus comes with a 60-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.


Eagle is a design software suitable for both simple and complex designs. It boasts an intuitive user interface, multiple windows, and user-defined commands.

Additionally, it provides several tools for project and file management. It supports various file formats like Gerber, PostScript and Excellon documents.

EAGLE can be utilized by both individual designers and small design firms alike. It’s often utilized to create PCB layouts for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

It has a free license and can be downloaded on its website. Compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.


VistaCreate (formerly Crello) is a platform that enables anyone to craft captivating projects for any industry or occasion – no design skills necessary!

Marketing, bloggers and small businesses that need to create content regularly but don’t want to invest in costly design services will find this is an ideal option. It also features tools for common and repetitive design tasks like taking away backgrounds, resizing images and filtering photos.

It comes equipped with an extensive library of templates, photos and other visual assets that can be used for social media postings, blog posts, videos, presentations and advertising.


Figma is a web-based design tool that facilitates active collaboration among team members. As such, launching superior products has never been simpler or faster.

The app runs on any operating system that supports browsers, including Macs, PCs, Linux machines and even Chromebooks.

Version control system keeps track of all file versions, preventing designers from running into conflicts or losing progress while working on a project.

Another useful feature is the capacity for multiple team members to work on a single file simultaneously, which is ideal for teams that may have people working remotely or from different locations.