Samsung Odyssey Ark Review

Samsung Odyssey Ark Review

September 15, 2022 0 By Devon Corrigan

The Samsung Odyssey Ark features a 55-inch curved display with a 1ms response time and a 165Hz refresh rate. The screen is also customizable so that you can view content in cockpit or landscape mode. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro is integrated into the display to offer variable refresh rates. It also features a fingerprint sensor and HDR capability.

The Odyssey Ark is expected to launch in early September, and preorders will begin on Aug. 15. You can make reservations online starting Aug. 15. Once you place your reservation, you’ll be notified when the monitor is ready to ship. You’ll also be required to pay a down payment to reserve your model.

The screen’s 55-inch diagonal creates a completely immersive experience, but it can be intimidating if you’re accustomed to using a regular monitor. You might feel neck pain if you try to view the corners of a screen that’s this large, so it’s best to use a gaming couch or gaming chair. The display’s 1000R curve is meant to mimic the shape of the human eye for better viewing angles.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is an excellent choice for gamers. With its 55-inch display, the Odyssey Ark offers superb picture quality, a wide viewing angle, and great gaming specs. It also features a Samsung Smart Hub for access to essential streaming apps. The Odyssey Ark will retail for $3,499 when it launches.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark provides a full multi-monitor experience on a single 55-inch screen. The display is divided into four screens at 120 Hz, and each screen can be dedicated to a particular workspace. The display can be rotated 90 degrees and can be adjusted in height, tilt, and pivot. It also allows you to lean back and play games in cockpit mode. The screen has razor-thin bezels, which are also ideal for gaming.

In addition to its impressive hardware capabilities, the Samsung Odyssey Ark also features an impressive speaker system. Its 55-inch super-curved panel offers a wide viewing angle. The device also uses Quantum mini-LED technology with 1ms response time and 165Hz refresh rate for a crisp and lag-free experience. The speakers also support Dolby Atmos.

Gaming is another highlight of the Samsung Odyssey Ark. The gaming hub has integrated support for most major cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, and GeForce Now. The gaming hub also has the ability to connect to a PC or game console through the Wi-Fi. It also supports streaming video services like Netflix and Disney+.

The remote control is another feature of the Odyssey Ark. Its grey dial has a clickable pad in the center and four flush-style buttons on top. The remote control also features a thin solar cell on the top which is supposed to be an environmentally-friendly way to charge the remote.