Mobile Accessories Enhance the Functionality of Your Smartphone

Mobile Accessories Enhance the Functionality of Your Smartphone

June 29, 2023 0 By Pandey Rahul

Many smartphone owners purchase accessories to further extend the functionality of their devices, such as extra power packs, wireless headphones and fast chargers.

Phone cases are the go-to accessory, often boasting logos or designs on their backs. Other options for customizing your smartphone include photo lenses, selfie sticks and Bluetooth keyboards that let you type on touchscreen displays.

Camera & Imaging

Smartphones feature multiple capabilities, such as camera, music, location-based services and data storing/sharing services. Mobile phone accessories enhance these features and add extra functionality, such as power banks, screen protectors, protective cases headphones USB cables wireless speakers memory cards selfie sticks etc.

Consumers are searching for mobile accessories to simplify their lifestyles, leading them to seek portable chargers, earphones and other wireless products that remove the hassle of untangling wires so they can focus on other tasks more easily. This trend has increased demand for portable chargers and wireless products such as portable chargers with wireless capability as they allow consumers to focus more easily on other tasks than untangling cords.

The global mobile phone accessories market is growing quickly due to increasing smartphone adoption worldwide and advancements in on-the-go devices and wireless attachments, IoT/AI technologies and increased social-networking site adoption – all factors that contribute to rapid urbanization, increased per-capita income globally and rising youth demand for fashionable mobile accessories. These factors all combine together to fuel growth. Other major drivers for market expansion are rapid urbanization, increased per capita income globally and rising youth interest for fashionable accessories for smartphones.

Headsets & Earphones

Headsets combine earphones and microphone to enable hands-free listening or video calls, perfect for business apps such as voice or video conference calls and used frequently by gamers to interact with each other online.

The Jabra Steel wireless over-the-ear headset is a top-rated model that’s both comfortable and effective as a headset for calls or listening to audio. It supports multipoint Bluetooth pairing so you can pair with both your phone and computer easily for calls; additionally, active noise cancellation reduces ambient sound so that you can focus on who’s calling.

Headsets typically feature an amplifier which connects directly to your phone and a coiled bottom cable that plugs directly into the headset for quick disconnects. These amplifiers include speaker and microphone volume control as well as compatibility settings specific for your phone model as well as mute buttons; some may even come equipped with carrying cases and additional ear cushions.

Cases & Covers

Many of the same accessories you would find at an electronics store–stands, power banks and camera lenses–are now available for smartphones as well. Some cases even feature kickstands or flip stands to keep your phone upright when watching video or typing text.

Other brands also provide hybrid cases with multiple styles. For instance, dbrand’s Grip case is a rugged case featuring an integrated folio cover to protect the screen and provide typing angles; compatible with skins from dbrand, and available for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy devices, Google Pixel and more.

UAG produces protective cases designed like lightweight tanks for phones, such as its Monarch series with double military-grade protection. Their slimline Mous Limitless cases feature plastic sides with grips for improved handling, lips around cameras and back panels made from aramid fiber bamboo walnut or leather panels; magnets allow car dash mounting and compatibility with wireless chargers and magnetic accessories are also featured.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has quickly become a standard feature in smartphones such as those produced by Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola and Huawei in recent years. Wireless chargers utilize electromagnetic induction to transmit power from copper coils within a charger to a compatible phone in close proximity of its transmitter, creating magnetic fields which create electric current in receiving coils to charge batteries built-in to smartphones.

Installing a wireless charging pad on your desk, nightstand, office desk or even car is an incredibly efficient and simple way to ensure that all of your devices remain powered throughout the day. ROKFORM’s heavy-duty iPhone and Samsung phone charging cases offer reliable power supply while ROKFORM’s premium materials ensure safe trickle charging of devices on-the-go.

While wireless charging may seem like a relatively recent innovation, its history dates back more than 100 years to electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla’s research on resonant inductive coupling. There are various forms of wireless charging: Qi wireless charging pads and PMA wireless charging bowls both use tightly coupled electromagnetic inductive charging while loosely coupled resonant electromagnetic resonant charging sends out signals several centimeters away to transfer energy directly from receiver to source.