Computer Hardware Components

Computer Hardware Components

July 9, 2021 0 By Pandey Rahul

Computer hardware includes all the internal components of a PC, including the central processing unit (CPU), hard drive, memory card, video card, motherboard and the like. In the recent years, operating systems for desktop PCs have also been developed and improved to provide users with better performance and a better user experience. Hardware manufacturers try their best to enhance the overall quality and performance of PCs by providing different types of add-ons, drivers and security updates. New hardware products also arrive regularly, adding new features and enhancing user experience.

The development of PC is the result of long years of development and research by software engineers. Thousands of hardware components are involved in the process of developing a particular PC. A PC consists of different hardware components which together form an integrated system. Some important hardware components of a PC include the following: The operating system, data storage devices, display hardware, input hardware, hard disk drive, CPU, video card, hard disk, motherboard, audio devices, printer, scanner, web cam and video camera. All these hardware components of a PC to play an important role in the PC operation.

As mentioned above, various types of hardware are available for the purpose of enhancing the operation of the PC. In addition, new PC’s come with more upgraded hardware components, as well. For example, in the last two years, USB 2.0 and Firewire interface ports were added to the list of commonly used hardware components. Now you may need to buy a new motherboard or a new hard drive in order to support the new hardware you have purchased.

Another important component of a PC is the main memory. All the installed programs and data reside in the main memory. When your PC is working, all the processes are managed by the central processing unit (CPU). The main memory is divided into several different sectors. Each sector has a specific size in bytes. Besides the two sectors, there is also one extra partition called the page table, which is used for the execution of instructions.

Apart from the main memory, another type of main memory known as caches are present on the PC. This cache is used by the operating system during the start up process. Windows uses this cache for the execution of software programs. It is advised to keep at least 8GB of free space for the storing of documents and other types of data. Another type of hardware components is the input and output devices that are used for connecting the external peripherals.

The other major type of hardware components includes graphic processing units, motherboards, processors, hard drives, solid state drives, USBs, digital cameras and other types of cameras. Some of the most popular computer hardware components are desktop PC, laptop, netbooks, servers, workstations, printers and scanners. However, even with the presence of so many hardware components, your PC can still be slow if the central processing unit or the CPU is slow. This is because most of the hardware components are quite complex in nature, hence it takes time for them to load.